Kaci King ~ Author. Speaker. Coach.                                     
"Every great dream begins with a dreamer.  Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience & the passion to reach for the stars to change the world" ~ Harriet Tubman

About Kaci

Kaci's children have taught her many of life’s lessons through their extensive medical journey.  With that, she’s had some of life’s greatest ups and downs.  The darkest moments have taught her and her family how to rise!

Aside from being a mother, Kaci is also an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and coach.  She enjoys her time as an international traveler, farm owner and pianist, but also values her time as a horse show and cattle show mom.  Kaci is also wife to Rea who she absolutely adores and has created an extraordinary life of freedom to stay home with him and their children everyday. She has become really passionate about helping others create a life they love and one that most only dream of in their lives, bodies and overall health.

Kaci graduated from Indian Lake High School in 1991 and obtained her college degree from The University of Findlay in 1995. 
After they had children and the children were diagnosed, Kaci spent a number of years an integral part of a couple of internet support groups, helping others along the same journey.  During that time, she used to manage an international family match up program with pre- and post-op families to provide the family going through surgery with additional support from parents who have already been through it for many years.  With this book, Kaci hopes to be able to help those navigating the medical system, those that aren’t going through a medical journey but need inspiration to understand that hope can exist even in the worst of situations, and also those that are juggling the same diagnosis.

Through her children's medical journey, Kaci has been amazed with the brain.  She is astonished at its elasticisty, its ability to heal from trauma, to form new wiring connections and while doing all of that, still play traffic director for our mind, body, and soul.  Because of their journey and her passion to get them well, she discovered a new type of healing for their bodies and mind using acupressure points and applied kineseology theories called Neuro Integration which is just one form of energy work.  She traveled to New Mexico in 2009 to obtain certification to become a practitioner.  In 2014, she also obtained certification to become an Access Consciousness Bars facilitator which has provided additional healing and a space of calm, choice and non-judgement for those she has the opportunity to help. 

For fun, she has recently started the process to obtain her private pilot's license.


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