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"Every great dream begins with a dreamer.  Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience & the passion to reach for the stars to change the world" ~ Harriet Tubman

Through my children's medical journey, I have learned what an amazing organ the brain is.  I am astonished at its elasticity, its ability to heal from trauma, to form new wiring connections and while doing all of that, still play traffic director for our mind, body, and soul.  Because of their journey, my passion to get them well, and compassion to others going through tough times, I was driven to write a book, Light Will Emerge, and have it published even after being rejected 144 times.  The kids have been through twenty-five surgeries thus far.  The revised book will take you through it all. They are, without a doubt, my biggest heroes.  They have taught me more about life than I could've ever imagined. 

In that process, I lost myself, but refused to stay down.  An incredible platform came along to not only regain my own mind, body & soul, but would finish healing my family as well. To help the kids finish healing, improve and let their bodies become the miracles they were created to be has been awesome to watch!  It has also helped me pick others up and help breathe life and love into them again.  As a coach, it is beyond fun to share a life changing vehicle with people to create a life they choose and one that most only dream of. It is so heartwarming to create a community lifting others in latitude with love while helping their dreams and lives take flight! 

Most recently, I am so excited and humbled to be learning from the amazing Lisa Nichols as I become a speaker and wrap so many things together.  Connecting the dots on our lives recently has been not only a monumental moment, but one that I realized so much was connected with the kids journey, the fuel we choose to put in our bodies, our love of flying and travel, and more and correlating it with the analogy of flying which is the backbone of my speaking engagements tailored to the groups we will share love and inspiration with.

Recently, I chose to revise the book not only to update their story with their last dozen surgeries, but also because both kids are now thriving! Madi is competitively showing her horse on a national level.  2014 brought her first World Championship placing at the NSBA show in Tulsa, OK as a Third World Champion and also another as Top 5 ranking. 2015 brought an additional Top 5 and Top 10 placing in the World! She also had her first placing at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in 2014 in 14th place.  2015 brought Madi's first overall AQHA Youth Western Pleasure national placing in Level 2 as she finished in 7th in the Nation and received a huge trophy!   Outside of horses, Madi loves to show cattle around the state in the Ohio Cattleman's BEST program and at NAILE in Louisville as well as being a beef ambassador.  

Austin is showing cattle around Ohio also.  2014 was also a great year for him and his shorthorn heifer picking up many wins in the Ohio Cattlemen's BEST program, Grand Champion Best of the Buckeye division at the Ohio Beef Expo, Reserve Champion Best of the Buckeye at the Ohio State Fair, and also the Champion Purebred Shorthorn Female at the 2014 Ohio Junior Shorthorn Preview Show.  Both kids are thriving in school.  Austin is attending a Montessori school which he and we absolutely adore. He has also become a part of their Ski Club and is an avid skier now; such a long way from not being expected to walk or talk!  Madi is attending a public school that is also an online academy ironically based out of our beloved Baltimore through an Ohio branch. This allows her the flexibility of learning so she can travel as a competitive equestrian. She was accepted into the National Junior Honor Society during 2014 and later was accepted into National Honor Society in 2015. Also in the fall of 2014, she was accepted into a very prestigious National organization through the school called the Sports Academy of which kids must be at least regionally ranked in their sport, but also go thru a grueling application process.  After she was accepted, she learned that only 2-5 kids are picked per year on a state level. This gives her an opportunity to be part of webinars hosted by other successful professional and Olympic athletes sharing inspiration, mindset strategies, success tips and more.  This also gives her the opportunity to varsity letter in her sport. Madi was the only one of 2 kids in the nation to letter in Sports Academy at her school due to the grueling list of requirements in order to do so and was chosen to speak at a national ceremony in behalf of the academy. Starting in the fall of 2015, she started the College Credit Plus program full-time where part of her classes meet the requirements for both high school and college credit.  

Thank you to all of our support team! We wouldn't be where we are without you!


None of the information on my site is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease especially craniosynostosis or chiari malformation as its listed here.  I encourage you to seek professional medical advice before changing your current care or pursuing different or alternative health care.
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